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  • Ilha Grande “Great Island”, along with the small islands of Angra dos Reis, form a paradise for those who love the sea. There are more than 100 options for beaches to enjoy some sunny days in the midst of the Atlantic Rainforest that covers the entire region, this tour will last a full day, leaving Rio de Janeiro hotels between 06:00am and 07:00am and visit a region outside of the common modern world of big cities, were the streets are covered with sand and the beaches stretch for miles the region gathers a set of natural beauties from different biomes creating a unique place.

    What You Can Expect

    1. Transfer: Ground transportation from Rio de Janeiro to Conceição de Jacarei approximately 1:30 hour
    2. Conceição de Jacareí: Your adventure begins here, boarding our Fastboat to Ilha Grande “Great Island”.
    3. Blue Lagoon: Our first stop of the tour, is in a location considered the largest natural aquarium in Angra dos Reis, clear waters and abundant marine life.
    4. Parish of Santana: Second stop, historical part, first church of the Island, built with whale oil.
    5. Saco do Céu – Praia do Amor: Beach full of stories and folklore from the local community of the Island.
    6. Praia da Crena – Lunch included: Here we enjoy our lunch served by the sea on the beach club with a beautiful late afternoon.
    7. Transfer: Ground transportation from Conceição de Jacareí to Rio de Janeiro approximately 1:30 hour
    8. Our tour ends here
  • Type: Privativo
    Time: Pick up 06:00am to 07:00am
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