• Parque das Ruínas, located at the top of the Santa Teresa district, has a privileged view, where you can see the city center and part of the border, from Santos Dumont airport to Urca. Its Cultural Center brings a constant and varied program, the exhibition gallery and the auditorium usually receive experimental works of plastic arts. Already the park, stage of shows and happy hours, has a cafeteria that serves a bountiful breakfast on weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a special program for children.


    The Park and the ruins are the remnants of the Palacete Murtinho Nobre, erected between 1898 and 1902, and the place of residence of Laurinda Santos Lobo, lady of society and heiress of a rich and powerful family, which was divided between Rio de Janeiro and Paris . Laurinda was born in 1878 in the city of Cuiabá and was heir to the group Mate Laranjeira. He practiced patronage activities, and even presided over the Brazilian Federation’s council for female progress. In his honor Villa Lobos composed the play Quattour – impressions of worldly life.

    His house during the 1920s was the meeting point of Modernism in Rio de Janeiro, and one of the most popular spots in Rio’s cultural life during the next two decades, a place of parties that brought together celebrities and prominent figures of the time, such as Villa-Lobos, Tarsila do Amaral and the dancer Isadora Duncan, until the death of the hostess. Laurinda died on July 16, 1946, and left no children. In his will he left the house for the Homeopathic Society which never came to take possession of the good. Then the place was abandoned and invaded, plundered and occupied by homeless people and even by drug traffickers. There are reports that even the doorknobs, which were made of gold, are stolen in this period of abandonment, just like his piano. In 1993, the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro overturned what was left of the property and in 1997, the Parque das Ruínas was inaugurated.The ruins today feature a style that blends apparent bricks, combined with metal structures and glass structures.

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