• Sugar Loaf is a complex of hills located in the neighborhood of Urca. It is composed of the Sugar Loaf (named after the complex), Urca hill and Babilônia hill. Along with the statue of Christ the Redeemer is the largest postcard of the city of Rio de Janeiro and one of the most famous in Brazil.Due to the unique characteristics, bordered by the waters of Guanabara Bay, it is an international tourist reference for the city.It has as a complementary attraction the cable car ride, connecting Praia Vermelha and Morro da Urca to the Sugar Loaf. Known as the Pão de Açúcar cable car, the cable car was designed in 1908 and inaugurated in 1912, becoming the first cable car installed in the country and the third in the world. In more than ninety years of existence, it has transported over thirty million people. In the last station of the cable car you have the panoramic view of the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.Morro do Pão de Açúcar, the highest of the complex, consists of a single block of gneiss-granite, more than six hundred million years old, that arose from the separation between the South American and African continents, and suffered Changes by pressure and temperature. It rises to 395 meters above sea level. It is rich in species of rupicolous plants, being present in its faces several endemic species of bromeliads and orchids. The south face is especially rich, practically all taken by a ” vegetal carpet “, contrasting enormously with the north face that shows little vegetation in its slopes. It is surrounded by a remnant of Atlantic Forest. At its top is the last station of the cable car. Its name is explained by some authors by the similarity to the conical blocks formed by the sugar in the phase of the purge in its manufacture, to the colonial time.


    In 1912, the inauguration of an air route in Rio de Janeiro included in the tourist map of Brazil an enterprise built, operated and maintained by Companhia Caminho Aéreo Pão de Açúcar, the Pão de Açúcar tourist complex was created for the amusement of thousands of people in a place Privileged by panoramic beauty.

    Registered trademark of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Sugar Loaf Mountain is a mountain naked of vegetation in its almost totality. It is a unique block of rock from granite, which has undergone changes by pressure and temperature and is older than 600 million years.


    Adults – R $ 76,00
    Children under 06 – Free 
    Children from 06 to 12 years – R $ 38,00 * 
    Youth from 13 to 21 years old – R $ 38,00 * (by document of 
    Opening of the box office – 08:00 
    Closing of the box office – 19:50 
    The closing of the Park is always one (1) hour after the closing of the box office.
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