• Known for the bustling night and bohemian side, Lapa connects through its imposing Arches with Santa Teresa, bucolic neighborhood, with a strong artistic and cultural vein.
    The central region of Rio gathers samba and culture in one place! Here is a selection of eight places for you to explore, all of them in the neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa. Lapa, one of the city’s postcards, attracts residents from Rio and domestic and foreign tourists in search of cold beer, a Carioca climate and lots of good music. Santa Teresa attracts the charm of its cobbled streets, its famous cable car, the good restaurants and the incredible look of the city by the look of who is on top.Immerse yourself in this region and visit parks and cultural halls, museum, fair and good memories in the form of photography. One thing is certain: besides a lot of history, you will get to know a lot of local cool! It really is a must see!

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