• The Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon is located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It receives the waters of several rivers that descend from the surrounding slopes, among which the Macacos River stands out .

    Its waters are the favorite place for rowers. For this reason, the lagoon is surrounded by traditional rowing clubs such as Flamengo and Vasco (nautical venue), and other leisure activities such as Caiçaras and Piraquê. On the banks of the lagoon, the public can find a bike path, jogging track, playground, sports courts and a small gastronomic center with kiosks offering Italian and Japanese food, as well as live music in the evening. Annex is the Catacomb Park , which exhibits 30 sculptures of Brazilian and foreign artists in the open air.

    Since 1995, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon has Tom Jobim Park , which gathers leisure areas, sports, gastronomy, among others. The space is so democratic that it houses until ParCão , a park dedicated only to the canines.

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