• The Forte de Copacabana is located at the tip of Copacabana, at the end of the beach and neighborhood of the same name, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Officially known as the Historical Museum of the Army / Fort of Copacabana (MHEx / FC), it currently computes a flow of about ten thousand visitors per month, constituting one of the most beautiful postcards in the city. The tourist can choose between the restricted visit (only to the external areas) and the complete one (including the interior of the fort and the historical-military Museum).

    Mediated visit

    The Historical Museum of the Army and Fort of Copacabana offers visitors, from Tuesday to Sunday, a visit mediated by guides trained in the Museum itself, at the following times:
    – Tuesday to Friday, at the hours of 10h and 13h;
    – Saturdays and Sundays in the hours of 12h and 14h.
    Visits are free and occur by requesting a schedule by form available in the Contact Us section of the site , selecting the type of group (civil or military), for groups of at least 15 and a maximum of 50 people. Then, wait for the confirmation email that will be sent by the MHEx / FC Public Relations Section that will or will not confirm the schedule for the requested date.

    Confectionery Colombo

    At the traditional Confeitaria Colombo, you will find the perfect setting to have your breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or snack. In addition to the traditional sweets, salads and waffles, the menu still features salads, sandwiches, crepes and pastas.

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