• The Cathedral of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro , also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro , is a Catholic cathedral located in the Center of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was inaugurated in 1979, replacing, as the cathedral of the city, the Church of Our Lady of Carmo. In modern style, it has a conical shape, with 106 meters in diameter, 75 meters of external height, 64 meters of internal height and capacity for 20,000 people standing. The beauty of the building, with straight and sober lines, is due to the colorful stained glass windows ripping up the walls to the dome.His design and execution were coordinated by Monsignor Ivo Antônio Calliari (1918 – 2005).

    The project is by the architect Edgar de Oliveira da Fonseca: according to some, inspired by the Apollo Project ships, as a symbol of the future; According to others, inspired by the Mayan pyramids. The main door is formed by bronze reliefs and has, as its theme, faith. The interior of the cathedral was designed by Father Paulo Lachen Maier. The sculptures are by Humberto Cozzo. The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament has two candlesticks by Niccola Zanotto .


    On January 20, 1964, the foundation stone of the new building of the Cathedral of San Sebastián was laid, on land donated by the city hall, on Avenida Chile, the Project had not yet been approved. In December 1964, the Government of the State of Guanabara approved the construction project of the Cathedral of St. Sebastian on the esplanade of St. Anthony and later the project was modified by the Government’s own demand. The first mass in the new cathedral was only realized in 1972, and its official inauguration realized in 1979.

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