• Of all the projects that Rio de Janeiro has prepared for the Olympics, the Olympic Boulevard is the most captivating. Even the skeptics eventually yielded to the transformation of the port area. A raised road and hundreds of meters of walls were knocked down to give way to a 3.5 km boardwalk that takes both the novelties of the piece (the AquaRio, the Etnias mural, the Museum of Tomorrow, the SEA, the Olympic Pirate) and To some of the most traditional attractions of the Center (such as CCBB, São Bento Monastery and Fiscal Island). To make the ride even more irresistible, the best way to get there is by using the friendly VLT, the modern cable car that has brought comfort and safety to the center.

    The removal of the Perimetral and the construction of tunnels allowed the creation of a 3.5km public walkway that integrates cultural centers and hosts events throughout the year, the city also gained a privileged view of the Guanabara Bay. Rediscovered seafront can be enjoyed from end to end in style at the Orla Mayor Luiz Paulo Conde. The public walk of 3.5 km goes from Praça da Misericórdia, near the Aterro do Flamengo, to Armazém 8 do Cais do Porto. Arborized, the space in the Porto Maravilha region stimulates the movement of pedestrians and cyclists in decks, boardwalks, cycle paths, squares and living areas. Excerpt from the old Rodrigues Alves also gained new means of transportation that revolutionized the way to move in the Center, the Light Vehicle on Rails (VLT).

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