• Museum of Tomorrow is a museum built in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The building, project of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, was erected next to Plaza Mauá, in the port area (more precisely in Píer Mauá). Its construction was supported by the Roberto Marinho Foundation and had a total cost of approximately 230 million reais. The building was inaugurated on December 17, 2015 with the presence of former president Dilma Rousseff and received about 25 thousand visitors in its first weekend of operation.

    The institution’s proposal is to be a museum of arts and sciences, as well as exhibits that warn of the dangers of climate change, environmental degradation and social collapse. The building has solar pimples that move along the skylight, designed to adapt to changing environmental conditions. The main exhibition is mostly digital and focuses on ideas rather than objects.

    The museum has partnerships with major Brazilian universities, global scientific institutions and real-time data collection on the climate and population of space agencies and the United Nations. The institution also has consultants from various areas, such as astronauts, social scientists and climatologists.

    As one of the anchors of the urban revitalization project called Porto Maravilha, the museum received in 2015, as a donation before its inauguration, the sculpture Puffed Star II, by the renowned American artist Frank Stella. The work consists of a star of twenty points and six meters of diameter that was installed in the mirror of water of the museum, in front of the Bay of Guanabara. The metal sculpture, before donating to the museum’s permanent open-air collection, was on display in New York City.

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