• As its name already says, Prainha is a beach with small dimensions, are only 150 meters of a narrow strip of sand. It is located in the West Zone of Rio, after Macumba Beach, in the APA of Grumari, between the districts of Grumari and Recreio dos Bandeirantes.

    Protected by the hills and stones that surround it and covered by the abundant vegetation of native Atlantic Forest, this beach hides a unique beauty, with clear sands, crystalline waters and still a spring of fresh water besides wonderful waves. This makes Prainha be considered as the best surfing spot in Rio de Janeiro, a true paradise, home to several tournaments, such as National and International Surfing Championships.

    In addition to all the beauty and attractions offered by the beautiful waves, Prainha also has good services. It is possible to spend the whole day at the beach, serving with snacks, snacks and drinks sold at the kiosks in the area.

    However, if you do not like a lot of movement, it is best to look for the beach during the weekdays, when Prainha is practically deserted, because it usually gets crowded on the weekends. One tip is to get there early, as well as enjoying the sun, it’s even easier to park your car at a location nearby.

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