• Recreio dos Bandeirantes Beach is located at the end of Avenida Sernambetiba, continuation of Barra da Tijuca, being a beach quite frequented, mainly by surfers. Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach is home to many international surfing and bodyboarding tournaments, as well as serving as a stage for some recordings of TV Globo and Rede Record.

    In spite of the big constructions in its border, the beach of the Recreio of the Bandeirantes has a wonderful sun, that enchants to residents and tourists. The beach is extremely attractive for those who admire themselves with deserted beaches and for those who like to stay in touch with the nature of its Ecological Reserve in the area of ​​environmental protection around the Lagoon of Marapendi.

    In its border, the beach of Recreio dos Bandeirantes also counts on several kiosks and a good service infrastructure. At Carnival, the waterfront kiosks promote the band parade.

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